WR4BC Repeater

145.130 MHz (-) PL 100.0 Hz

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Repeater Update – 20 December 2012
WR4BC Repeater – 145.130 (downshift) PL of 100.0 Hz (currently ON)

Most local Hams have had the opportunity to use or at least try out the Barrow Amateur Radio Club Repeater. Privately owned, and dedicated to serving Barrow County and surrounding counties with a 2 meter FM link into the heart of Barrow.

The repeater consists of all new equipment, a Maggoire Labs Hi-Pro Repeater, with the CAT 250 controller, a 6-can Fiplex Duplexer, and a Diamond F-23H VHF base antenna mounted about 90 feet above ground at my QTH. Living on the highest point in the eastern City Limits of Winder, the elevation here is 985 feet AMSL. Power output is 35 watts maximum, turned down to about 25.

I monitor the repeater quite a lot, give me a call, would love to rag chew a bit, discuss ham radio topics or more. If you hear me on, give me a call. Give the repeater a work out, that’s what it’s for. Enjoy it.

73’s for now

Bill Wilson – KJ4EX
Co-Founder, Barrow Amateur Radio Club
WR4BC Club License Trustee
WR4BC Repeater Trustee